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Россия banepa - banepa
19 Сен 2023
04 Сен 2023
Груз: Damianstoot

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Россия amreli - Латвия athi river
21 Сен 2023
22 Сен 2023
Груз: Kleifgenfhi

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At least eight out of 10 original remaining overseas judges at Hong Kong's highest court to stay on

At least eight of the 10 remaining overseas judges at Hong Kong's highest court have confirmed to the Post that they will stay on after the UK pulled out its last two serving judges in a controversial move that has been widely condemned in the city as a political ploy.

The overseas judges revealed their intentions on Thursday as Hong Kong's leader accused the UK of undermining judicial flexibility with its "Politically plotted" wiggle, calls it "unsettling" And displeasing that the British government was linking the withdrawal to concerns about the city's national security law.

While leader Carrie Lam Cheng Yuet ngor hit back at the resignation of lords Robert Reed and Patrick Hodge the day before, The Post has found that three Australian judges and five British judges intend to serving.

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Lord David Neuberger is among the UK judges who have confirmed their intention to remain at basketball of Final Appeal. image: mike Tsang

The three aussies are justices William Gummow, Anthony Gleeson and Robert this french language, Who stated in an e-mail to the Post: "We support the judges of the Court of Final Appeal in their deal with judicial independence,

Five other united kingdom judges lords Jonathan Sumption, donald Neuberger, Leonard Hoffmann, Nicholas Phillips and Lawrence Collins confirmed their intention to remain as well in an individual joint statement.

"At a critical time in a history of Hong Kong, It is nowadays important to support the work of its appellate courts in their task of maintaining the rule of law and reviewing the acts of the executive, they said.

The judges said we were looking at "Entirely completely satisfied" With the flexibility and integrity of the Court of Final Appeal.

"While we continues to monitor developments, We believe that our continued involvement in the work of the Court of Final Appeal is in the interest of the people of Hong Kong.

"Times have moved on and problems have changed. In the longer term, We have to be ready that the level of participation of the overseas non permanent judges may not be the same as before, had to talk about Li, Who presided over the judiciary from 1997 to 2010 and was instrumental in securing the arrangement with the UK supreme court for British judges to serve in Hong Kong on a non permanent basis.

Expressing her regret and mambo programmers for a second straight day, leader Lam rejected London's claim that it was "No longer optimal" For British judges to sit on Hong Kong courts following Beijing's imposition of the national security law banning acts of subversion, Secession, Terrorism and collusion with overseas forces.

Hong Kong chief executive Carrie Lam. photography: swimming pool

"What I find very disturbing and I cannot accept is the association of their resignation with the implementation of the national security law or the technique of individual rights and freedoms in Hong Kong, She claimed.

"The rule of law has remained as robust as ever in the past 25 years of reunification mainland China],

Foreign judges serving in Hong Kong's courts have long been seen as a vote of confidence in the city's legal system.

That was upended on sunday when Lord Reed, Also the UK supreme court president, Said British judges would no longer be participating in the arrangement, Citing fears their taking part would be seen as endorsing "An direction which has departed from values of political freedom, And freedom of evolution,

Lam, but unfortunately, inhibited that rationale on Thursday, Noting that foreign judges were only asked to swear to uphold comprise Law, Bear allegiance to Hong Kong and serve its consumers.

"We have not said, Or required them to match the executive branch, Or endorse its insurance policies and measures, She talked about.

British Foreign secretary Liz Truss. video / photo:

The two judges' withdrawal was supported by UK Foreign Secretary Liz Truss and Deputy prime minister Dominic Raab, Who in other statement said the city charmingdate had seen a "organized erosion of liberty and democracy" Since the imposition of the national security law, And that British judges continuing to sit at basketball of Final Appeal risked "Legitimising oppression,

Lam responded by accusing Britain of putting politics over professionalism, And suggested the resignations were timed to coincide with a debate in parliament on a six monthly report on Hong Kong that often contains the UK national criticisms of the city. "I think this is so blatant which everybody can see,

Removing foreign judges would amount to breaking Hong KongAt a parliamentary session on Wednesday, British prime minister Boris Johnson said he "recognizes and appreciates" That the judges had done "The constraints of the national security law made it impossible for them to continue to serve in like our ancestors would want,

"It's vital that we all continue to make our points to the Chinese as I did with my conversation with President Xi the other day about freedom in Hong Kong and about the treating the Uygurs, he was quoted saying, with reference to Chinese leader Xi Jinping.

Lord meat Hodge (put) And lord Robert Reed. picture: Handout

appropriate Reed and Hodge's departure, Hong Kong will still have 10 foreign judges at basketball of Final Appeal, each one having retired in their home countries. Six of the rest of the judges are from Britain and the rest from Canada and Australia.
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Россия loveplanet.gq - Корея (северная) loveplanet.gq
30 Сен 2023
10 Сен 2023
Груз: DominicNourioulk

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Россия moscow - Армения moscow
23 Сен 2023
30 Сен 2023
Груз: Crytoded

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Россия moscow - Пакистан moscow
30 Сен 2023
14 Сен 2023
Груз: Crytoded

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Россия moscow - Мальта moscow
06 Сен 2023
09 Сен 2023
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Россия freising - Кувейт freising
08 Сен 2023
14 Сен 2023
Груз: JamesMak

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Россия khujand - Киргизия khujand
22 Сен 2023
29 Сен 2023
Груз: EarnestMaR

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Turkish pop star Gulsen Colakoglu has been jailed pending trial on charges of “inciting or insulting the public to hatred and enmity” after she made a joke about religious schools in Turkey, according to the state-run Anadolu news agency.

The charges appear to be related to a video circulating on social media from a Gulsen concert in April, when she joked about one of the musicians.

He “graduated from Imam Hatip (religious schools). That’s where his pervert side comes from,” she said.

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Several Twitter users could be seen sharing the video on Thursday with a hashtag calling for her arrest and saying it is offensive to associate the schools with perverts.

Gulsen denies that she has committed any crime and is appealing the arrest, according to her lawyer Emek Emre.

After her detention, Gulsen shared a message on her official Twitter and Instagram accounts, apologizing to “anyone who was offended” by the joke and saying it had been twisted by “malicious people who aim to polarize our country.”

“I made a joke with my colleagues, with whom I have worked for many years in the business. It has been published by people who aim to polarize society,” she said.
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Россия taiping - Ирак taiping
06 Сен 2023
12 Сен 2023
Груз: Michaelswath

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Россия moscow - Норвегия moscow
16 Сен 2023
12 Сен 2023
Груз: Crytoded

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Россия moscow - Финляндия moscow
18 Сен 2023
22 Сен 2023
Груз: Crytoded

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Россия moscow - Туркмения moscow
19 Авг 2023
15 Авг 2023
Груз: Jeffreyexats

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Челябинск готовится к следующему отопительному сезону. Челябинск, Январь 19 (Новый Регион, Ксения Уфимцева) – Челябинск начал подготовку к летним капремонтам и новому отопительному сезону. Как передает корреспондент «Нового Региона», в 2008 году в рамках программы «Капитальный ремонт многоквартирных домов» проведены работы на 1 тысяче 4 зданиях. Об
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Россия raanana - Словения raanana
09 Июл 2023
08 Июл 2023
Груз: Davidtus

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тор гидра
Ефрейтор из Волгограда стала первой погибшей в ходе спецоперации на Украине девушкой
Под удар ВСУ в пригороде Луганска попал полигон с боеприпасами
Ущерб от действий бывшего замглавы МЧС оценили более чем в 320 млн рублей
Песков опроверг сообщения о разрешении ситуации с транзитом в Калининград
Пушилин заявил, что наемники в ДНР будут расстреляны в случае отклонения апелляцийВ Росавиации опровергли нахождение Нерадько в реанимацииЧитатели Die Welt раскритиковали главу МИД ФРГ Бербок после слов о переговорах с РоссиейВОЗ собирается признать третий пол на официальном уровнеBloomberg: Германия может договориться с Shell на поставку СПГ вместо газа из РФМО РФ сообщило о ликвидации диверсионно-разведывательной группы под Харьковом
гидра адреса зеркала
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Россия mankon bamenda - Египет mankon bamenda
17 Июл 2023
04 Июл 2023
Груз: MichealnuM

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Россия biel - Лихтенштейн biel
21 Июл 2023
04 Июл 2023
Груз: ThomasHab

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СМИ: Борис Джонсон согласился подать в отставку
Британский телеканал ITV сообщил, что премьер-министр Великобритании Борис Джонсон решил уйти в отставку.
Sky News отмечает, что Джонсон готовит заявление об отставке, но продолжит исполнять обязанности премьер-министра до избрания нового главы правящей Консервативной партии.
Более 50 политиков уже успели покинуть свои посты на фоне скандала, который разгорелся в правительстве премьер-министра Великобритании Бориса Джонсона.
Джонсон оказался под шквалом критики и перед угрозой потерять свой пост из-за скандала вокруг вечеринок в правительственной резиденции на Даунинг-стрит во время общенационального локдауна в связи с коронавирусом.

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Россия nis - Литва nis
08 Июл 2023
04 Июл 2023
Груз: Michaelfus

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Экс-глава PGNiG Возняк назвал решение суда ЕС по «Северному потоку-2» угрозой для Украины
Европейский суд частично признал иск компании оператора «Северного потока-2» Nord Stream 2 AG, которая оспаривала изменения в газовой директиве ЕС, принятые весной 2019 года.
Единственным выходом из сложившейся ситуации для украинских властей будет обращение за помощью к России, чтобы Украину включили в российскую газовую систему.
Московский Комсомолец
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Россия - Болгария
10 Июл 2022
10 Июл 2022
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Россия - Египет
10 Июл 2022
10 Июл 2022
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カメ 手足
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Россия - Армения
10 Июл 2022
10 Июл 2022
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理解する フルート
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Россия penza - Иран penza
07 Июл 2023
23 Июл 2023
Груз: Shanegat

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